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The Winning Team

Siswanto Sutiono


Siswanto Sutiono established the company sometime in year 1999. Prior to this establishment, he has worked for over ten years, dealing with various complex projects. Now with his extensive knowledge over 30 years, he has brought the Company to become one of the leading contractors, especially in Batam.

Siswanto maintains an active role in the day to day operation and is involved in dealing and negotiating with Clients, actively hold regular visits to sites and making sure projects are running extremely well.

Since the start of his career, Siswanto always believes the principles of "quality, on time delivery, best services and reasonable price", which in turn satisfy the clients. This is proven by the facts that contracts keep coming in and back and existing Clients & Consultants recommending the prospective Clients.

Darmanu Widodo

(Project Manager)

With almost 40 years experience in construction sector, Darmanu Widodo possesses an extensive knowledge of how the projects run.

He will pay attention in details and make sure the works are carried out to the highest level standard. His integrity has no doubt an invaluable asset to the Company. He will not hesitate to directly lend a helping hand, should the needs arise.


(Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing-MEP Coordinator)

Being a MEP Project Coordinator, Sam, as he is called, is tasked to coordinate and make decisions of the MEP works since the tender process, project execution up to the hand over of works and taking care of maintenance period.

His strength undoubtedly lies in his vision to translate the Consultant's and or Client's needs into paperworks and execution of works.

Clients will find him very versatile, as he can always find a solution to the problem. Even sometimes with limited budget, Clients still can get the project delivered, due to ingenuity of proposal to overcome the budget shortage.

Harsono Wirosetio

(Project Analyser)

Since joining the Company in 1998, Harsono has specialized in scrutinizing the every aspect of project details. His tasks include but not limited to reviewing the project schedule, manpower strength, budgeting, ensuring contracts compliance up to maintenance period.

Liaising closely with site personnel, his job is to give advice and solutions to the problems encountered, based on the analysis he found.

Sharp analysis and uncompromised facts are his signature to ensuring every step is taken care of.

Hadi Yuanto

(Chief Planner)

Hady has a great passion in the construction industry. From the first time joining the Company as an Estimator to playing a role as a Site Manager, he has shown every care and diligence and consistently been willing to go extra mile.

As a Chief Planner, his role to create a road map of success, from the start of tender process up to completion of the works.

He is currently leading a prestigious construction of palm oil industry project as a Site Manager and proves himself a trusted person that everybody, especially Client & Consultant can rely on.

Edy Setiawan

(Senior Engineer/Site Manager)

Although Edy is the latest to join the team in 2018, there is no doubt he can cope with every challenge and proved himself to be a winner.

Since joining the Company, he has been tasked with various assignments, from Supervisor, Site Engineer, Estimator to the site Manager level.

His capability to communicate with everyone and especially Clients and Consultants, makes him in oustanding position to lead to job.


(Senior Engineer/Site Manager)

Wursito is a very committed staff and will do his utmost whenever he is tasked with any assignment.

He is ready to be deployed in any vacant position, be it Site Engineer, Estimator or Site Manager and willing to go extra mile.

His prior knowledge as an IT Engineer, makes him even perform better, as he can blend and aplly IT with construction to create a fusion.

Kelana Diantara

HSE(Health, Safety & Environment) Officer

In our Company, safety is a serious bussiness. We take pride in implementing every aspect of safety from the top management up to the workers in every project site.

As an HSE Officer, Kelana Diantara has a strong commitment in promoting a positive attitude and culture of HSE. He will relentlessly remind and pursue the safety concerns until the goal is achieved.

His day to day task is to ensure the compliance of HSE system in every level of personnel. This in turn, has resulted in substantial improvement of productivity and the overall performance of the Company.

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